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An evolving dream…

We operate two mission-driven re-sale stores in the heart of Oakland’s Grand/Lakeshore Business District. Our stores, urban furniture and urban boutique, are home to Single Moms at Work, our transitional employment and education to single moms living in poverty. We give them the skills and resources they need to transform their lives through their own work.

As we develop our training program for moms, we are also growing a business.  We are learning how to provide excellent customer service, choose great products, and successfully position ourselves in the bay area thrift market.  While we are fortunate to be in one of America’s greatest socially responsible communities, we clearly understand that the one of the most significant factors that will contribute to our success will be to build a powerful customer-driven business.  We are learning this right along with each of our moms.

Local residents love our stores. We offer those awesome treasures you find in re-sale stores…quality furniture, housewares, clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women. Our stores offer an inspiring place to shop because we combine profit with purpose. The better we do, the more parents we can hire. That motivates us all. Please support our cause by shopping with us or donating goods to our stores!

Urban Furniture Storefront

urban furniture
3241 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610

urban boutique
3237 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA, 94610

Open every day

p: (510) 835-3165
f: (510) 835-3125
e: urbanfurniturestore@gmail.com

Educate. Employ. Empower.